My son will be turning 3 in May and most for the most part, we still co-sleep. Last night proved to me it’s time he starts sleeping in his bed, something I’ve known for quite some time but haven’t been great to admit.

Maybe I should start at the beginning of our bedtime journey and why I chose co-sleeping to begin with.

During my pregnancy, the question of where baby would sleep went unanswered. I didn’t co-sleep with my daughter so I didn’t plan on co-sleeping with my son. My husband did co-sleep with his son, so he thought our son should sleep with us. I was insistent he should sleep in his crib. That is until he was born. I ended up having to have a C-section and had to spend a few extra days in the hospital. After a hard pregnancy and the C-section, I often found myself falling asleep with my son in the hospital bed with me. That continued after we went home. At the time our bed was just a box spring and a mattress on the floor, something that given then the surgery recovery was unable to get up from on my own for the first few weeks. Babies eat and babies sleep, I found it easier to breastfeed wine co-sleeping than to feed him, wake my husband to help put him back in bed only to do it all over again in a few hours. So, I let that be my reasoning behind co-sleeping. However, I did heal and with that healing came the realization that my C-section was no longer an excuse.

I tried many different ways of sleep training. I got a modern day bedside bassinet. I put the crib in my room. I slept next to the crib. I put shirts with my scent in his crib. I tried white noise. I tried no noise. As he got older I tried the cry it our method. When he turned 2 we  bought him a racecar bed. Each ended in a similar fashion, he started in his own bed but he ended up in mine. There has been a few times he has slept throughout the night in his own bed, each one leading to praising him for being a big boy and staying in his own bed. Those nights are few and far between compared to the nights he spends in our bed.

I could say I just fell asleep. Or it was easier to not put him back in his own bed. But, he stopped breastfeeding almost a years ago, so the truth is I can’t use those as excuses anymore, since really had no reason to bring him in my bed to begin with. I often use the excuse I don’t want everyone to suffer through his crying, especially my daughter who shares a room with him. But, the real truth, the reason I haven’t been able to stop co-sleeping despite my husband’s request?  I know he’s my last baby and I’m just not ready to let him go yet.

As much as I’m not ready, I’m beginning to think he is. He doesn’t really snuggle with my husband and I when he’s in our bed. After another night of restless sleep with my son in our bed, then on the couch with me, I think im finally ready. And seeing as how it’s Spring Break and nobody will have to wake up early after hearing him cry all night, it’s finally time to teach him to sleep in his own bed.

Now the only question is, how do I do it? The kids are spending the night at Nana and Poppa’s so after date night, I’ll be reading up on sleep training. I’ll keep you updated on our progress.