I headed out to the Red, White and Blue Thrift Shop today in search of makeshift canning supplies. I’ve had this hankering lately to can something but I don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a pressure canner, so I found a big enough pot and figured I’d find the other supplies somewhere along the way. Imagine my happiness when I got to the store to find they were having a 50% almost everything sale. I only had $20 in cash, now I didn’t know whether to be thankful they are a cash only store or not. Lucky me, I found everything I needed and some more great stuff for $10.85!!


This particular thrift store has these random grab bags of different items from kitchen gadgets to toys. And, unlike most grab bags, these ones are plastic so you see what you’re getting.

First though, I had to buy some toys for my kiddos. Something to keep them busy while I make my first ever attempt at canning. Post to come as soon as I actually do it. 


Car Wash for D.

Cups for J. Now she can finally make her “Cups” Video.

C is at his mom’s for the first week of Spring Break so no toy for him, but he does have a special candy treat waiting on his bed.

Now, for my toys.


Grab bag #1 for just $2.95…


Some random kitchen utensils. Some of which I didn’t even know existed, like a table crumber and turkey ties. And some things that I didn’t see in there but actually needed like a new sink stopper and an apple corer/slicer (brand new even).


Some cool looking things to set hot pans on (I think there is a name for that) and napkin rings. No idea yet what I’m going to do with those, but they were in a bag with the reason I bought it all….


Silicone Molds! A heart mold. A mini robot mold. And 24 silicone cupcake liners (also brand new). I can’t wait to show you all the fun projects I use these for. These things are usually at least $5 a piece. I’m exuberant right now!! Those 8 awesome mini pie pans didn’t hurt either.

The last bag came with some really random kitchen utensils, like a set of fork/spoons. They have a fork on one end and a spoon on the other. I guess I could put them in my car for road trip eating. I also got a bunch of mismatched measuring cups, which actually works out quite well considering I lost all of mine to D’s play kitchen. But, as I said, I set out to find canning equipment and this bag had it.


A little stand I can use on the bottom of my pot. A funnel. And this crazy looking jar grabber. And to think, I was going to spend $149 on a pressure canning kit.

I really wanted to buy this guy, but I sadly don’t have room for any random knick-knacks right now 😦


My dishwasher just finished its cycle so I’m off to put away all my fab finds and maybe do some canning… Maybe.