Earlier I showed you my thrift shop finds. Since I found everything I needed I decided to go ahead and can for the first time.

The longer you follow me, you’ll find that I love to do things on a budget. One day I’ll post my wedding pictures. It was my goal to have a David Tutera worthy wedding for $3000. I not only did it, my husband and I had enough money left over to pay for our honeymoon.

Back to the task at hand. Budget  canning.  First, another look at my supplies.


My 12 quart stock pot I bought at Wal-Mart a long time ago for $15.


My funnel, tongs and rack I got at the thrift shop for about $1.

I have tons of jars left over from my wedding so no need to buy more.

First step, core, cut and peel the apples. I used Gala’s and Granny Smith’s because they were $1 a pound if you buy them in the pre-packaged bags.

I was on the phone with my bestie when I started the first apples and I totally forgot to peel the apples before I cut them.

wpid-20150321_140247.jpg wpid-20150321_135733.jpg

I had to peel each slice separately. It took almost half an hour. Never again. But finally…


Gala’s are all prepped and ready to go.

Next onto the Granny Smith’s. This time I did it the “right” way. This time, it only took 15 minutes. Much quicker.

wpid-20150321_143637.jpg wpid-20150321_143938.jpg

And the best part about doing it the “right” way? I got a whole peel! Yes, small things excite me.

wpid-20150321_143612.jpg wpid-20150321_143559.jpg

Now it’s time cook the applesauce.

Another thing you’ll find out by following me, I don’t like to measure things. So with no measurements, here are the ingredients.



Add that along with some water and bring it to a boil. Then cook the apples til they are at your desired consistency.


While I was waiting for the apples to cook, which took forever because my stove cooks slow, I cut my funnel. Then I used this weird stone thing that came in my thrift shop grab bag to smooth it out. Idk what it is but, it worked.

wpid-20150321_151151.jpg wpid-20150321_151159.jpg

Finally, my applesauce is done. I like mine chunky but you don’t have to have to leave apple pieces if you like yours smooth.


Now that the applesauce is done, it’s time to prep jars. With help from my bestie via phone, I got started. Glad I had her or I totally would have messed it up.


I added more water and waited for it to boil. Meanwhile, I prepped my filling station. Ugh, have I mentioned how small my kitchen is? Anyways, jars are ready and it’s time to fill. After wrestling with the first jar which I dropped in the burning water three times, ouch, I used the tongs I already owned. They weren’t perfect either but, they worked.

20150321_173711 20150321_173825

Now that the jars were filled with 1/2 an inch of jar space to spare, it was back in the pot. This time I only burned myself once.

Bestie looked it up for me, my altitude says my jars need to process 20 minutes. So I brought my water back to a boil and set the timer.

20150321_182612 20150321_182628

Twenty cook minutes, five cooling minutes and three splash burns later, I had canned for the first time. In total I had six jars, one I didn’t water bath, I just put in the fridge to have with dinner.

So, 6 jars of applesauce cost me $7, not counting the things I already owned. Not bad for my first time, “budget canning.”

Tomorrow I move up to jelly!

Happy Canning,