I recently confessed that I still co-sleep with my toddler. After a night of no sleep and the thought that he’ll be 3 in May, I decided to start sleep training.

The first night, Saturday, was a hard go. D is a night owl, getting him to bed at a decent hour has always been a battle I’d rather not fight. So, even though he would be sleeping in his own bed, I ended up letting him stay up late when he wasn’t tired.  It must be hereditary,  as a child I was a night owl and a late riser. Seriously, I didn’t even get up early on Christmas. My grandparents could go watch three other sets of grandkids unwrap presents then come home and they still had to wake me up. Then there I’d be, in all my grumpy, messy haired glory putting on a I should still  in bed fake smile while I sleepily unwrapped my gifts. D is the same way, he’d stay up till midnight and sleep til noon everyday if I let him. So, finally around midnight, I decided it was time. D had other plans, hiding under a blanket and telling me he wasn’t sleepy yet. I wasn’t up for a fight, so I cheated. We played under the blanket on the couch til he fell asleep. Then I moved him into his bed, laid down on the floor next to him and waited for the protests. It didn’t take long, he was not a happy camper. He fussed, tossed and turned and cried til about 6 am when he finally fell into a deep sleep and slept til 11 am.

Last night was much easier. Since he slept til 11, I didn’t have him take a nap.  He was tired and 7:30, so I tried to put him to bed early to no avail. He told me if he got to play for awhile he’d go to sleep in his own bed later.  Fast forward an hour. Now 8:30, we’re in his bed saying prayers and singing a night night song. By 8:45 I’m not in the room. There was only one episode of crying in which I went in to comfort him, by 9:15 he was sound asleep. He stayed in his bed all night, sleeping til 6:45. Very proud of himself, he keeps saying, “I  in my own bed! ”


Not sure there’s a particular method we’re using, but we’ll see how the next few days go.

In Him,