How to Change a Flat Tire
I’ve always had AAA, and I’ll be sure my daughter she’s too, but there are those times when AAA is busy or you have someplace to be and waiting over and hour for a ten minute fix just doesn’t cut it. Thre has been plenty of times (I seem to have bad luck with tires) that I’ve sat in the cold or been late to an appointment wishing I knew how to change my own tire. Speaking of AAA, that leads me to

How to Check/Change Spark Plugs
Seriously, I don’t know how many times I’ve wasted a call too AAA just to find out I had a bad spark plus. Once, I even sold a car as not drivable only to see the guy who bought it swap out a spark plug and drive it away. Now, I know how easy it is to check them, too bad nobody taught me when I was learning to drive. You know what else nobody taught me?

How to Jump Start a Car
My mom always said I should carry jumper cables, unfortunately she didn’t tell me how to use them. Should my daughter ever need to jump her car, I’d feel more comfortable if she could ask someone for use of their car and actually know how to use her jumper cables instead of having to hope whomever she asked knew how to use them.

How to Fight
To be clear, I don’t support fighting, however should a time present itself when my daughter needs to defend herself or be badly hurt I want her to know how to safely do so. Lucky for me I never needed this skill but had I ever been in a bad position I would have liked to know how to take care of myself.

How to Use Mace
When my daughter is old enough to go somewhere without me, I want her to be protected, so, besides her self defense classes, I will give her mace. Then, I will teach her how to use it. I had to use my mace one time,  unfortunately nobody showed me how and I ended up with as much on me as I got on my attacker. Mace won’t do her much good if Irma just a fancy keychain she doesn’t know how to work. Self Defense Class here we come.

How to Shoot a Gun
We’re a proud second amendment family. Once my daughter is old enough, I fully support her right to get her concealed carry permit. Even if she chooses not to, I want her to be able to shoot if she ever needed to do so.

How to Drive a Five Speed
You never know when you might have to drive a car other than your own. If my daughter ever needs to drive a five speed whether it be hers or someone elses I want her to know how. When I was younger, I needed to be the duvet sober driver for some friends, the car was a five speed and I had to learn how to drive it with a car full of drunks in the dark. Hopefully my daughter makes better friend choices than me, but if she ever does need to be the sober driver she’ll be able to do so safely.

How to Sew
To be fair, my aunt tried to teach me but I just didn’t care to learn. Now, I wish I had. Even if it’s just with needle and thread, I want her to now how to do things like hem pants or fix holes in clothes so unlike me she doesn’t have to pay someone else to do it (or staple her home-ec sewing project together.

How to Cut Hair
OK, so my mom couldn’t teach me to do something she didn’t know how to do anymore than I can teach my daughter, but I plan on having my beautician friend teach her so she can save money on hair trims for herself and even more when she has kids.

How to Say NO
I’ve gotten myself into a lot of undesirable situations because I was scared to say no. I want to build my daughter’s confidence in herself so she knows that she is in charge of her body and mind and if there is something she doesn’t want to do she won’t be afraid to say NO!

So, what do you want to teach your kids that you wish somebody had taught you?