I don’t know how your family celebrates Easter, but in our family, after church and an Easter egg hunt, we enjoy a nice family dinner. As with every big family dinner, the main course is turkey (always prepared by me). I made my first turkey when I was 24 and I’ve been the official turkey person ever since. Only once have a strayed from the recipe I first used, that turkey was not the best turkey ever. With a few tweaks here and there from the first time o made this turkey til now, here is my recipe for what everyone who has tasted it calls, THE BEST TURKEY EVER. And it’s so easy even a “bad” cook can do it.

What you’ll need:
A turkey of’course
A roaster pan
Oven bags
A stick of butter (maybe 2)
Champagne (for the turkey, not yourself)
Turkey baster
Tin foil

How to prepare the best turkey ever:
1. The night before take out your turkey and give the whole bird a good rub down with a stick of  butter. I like to leave a few pats in places like under the wings. Now salt and pepper it to taste, cover it and put it back in the fridge.
2. The day of cooking, clear out the turkey insides and do what you want to with all that stuff.
3. Pre-heat your oven to 350.
4. Core and cut some apples (any kind) and put them inside the turkey like stuffing with some slices of butter (the extra butter is optional, but worth it).
5. Place turkey in over bag and have someone else hold it. Now pour thw bottle of champagne over the turkey filling the oven bag (you may not use the whole bottle). Tie the bag.
6. Set time for recommended time. When using an oven bag the time table should be on the package. If not you can find your turkey time here:


7. An hour before the turkey is to be done, cut away the bag and use the juices to baste the turkey. This will make the skin crispy. If you don’t like crispy skin, leave it in bang
8. After the turkey is done, place it in a new pan or on a serving platter and put a tin foil tent over it and let rest for 30 minutes.
9. Eat the most moist, juicy, delicious, best turkey ever.


Easy  right?
Happy Eating,