On Saturday I celebrated hitting 75 followers by starting a day on my blog where I promote a different blogger each week. You can read the post here, and find out how you can become a Featured Blogger of the Week.

In that same post I talked about wanting to do something special for 100. Well, I didn’t expect that to happen to fast and I am completely unprepared.


I was laying in bed last night trying to think of what I could do. My first thought was to tell you 100 things about me, but then I realized nobody here find me that interesting. So, I thought of some posts I’d seen recently over at Harsh Reality such as, Promote Yourself All Bloggers Welcome and more. I was going to to a reblog, but I didn’t know how to put pictures and links in a reblog. Anyways, before I get on with my post, make sure you check out his profile, it’s amazing! Click the links, you won’t regret it!


So, let’s get this party started! Use the comments here to introduce yourself and post a link to your blog. Meet new bloggers, follow some new people. Connect, connect, connect! The best way to get new readers to your blog is to get yourself out there and connect with other bloggers. I’ll be sure to follow up with anyone who comments here and check out their blog. I love love love meeting new people and finding new blogs to read.

A big thank you too everyone who has followed my blog. I appreciate your comments and readership! And thank you to Opinionated Man for this great idea. I hope everyone who reads this takes advantage of this opportunity and posts here!

Thank you,