This was a request from, The Ugly Ducklings Life. Make sure you head over and check out her blog.

The first five things that make me happy are: God, my husband, my kids, my family and my friends. I felt like I was cheating if I put those on the list though because that would make it too easy.

1. Old People. I use the term endearingly. It warms my heart to see an old couple in love. To see an old veteran proudly showing his/her colors. Our older generation display such beauty and passion for life in all that they do and when I see a person who has lived a long life and is still out and about experiencing what our world has to offer, I can’t help but smile. As all but one of my grandparents are with Jesus and my Grandma lives 3000 miles away, I love spending time visiting retirement homes with my kids.

2. Ice Cold Water. I admit it, I’m horrible about drinking water. I hardly ever get the recommended 8 glasses, but put me in front of a refrigerator that has filtered water and ice cubes and I’ll drink water all day.

3. Long Distance Phone Calls. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I don’t have a lot of friends. I’m not anti-social or anything, I’m just a busy mom who hasn’t prioritized that into her life yet. I do have a best friend though, she lives in Canada and I live in the United States, so when I see her name pop on on my phone, I’m filled with happiness knowing she loves me enough to call long distance.Ā 

4. Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies. Mmmmm, straight out of the oven, ooey, gooey chocolatey goodness. I only like them fresh, hot and chewy.

5. Honesty. I love to be honest and I love it when people are honest with me. I enjoy knowing that I can ask my husband if I look fat or if he likes my outfit and get an honest answer even if it’s, “yes, you look fat” or “no, I don’t it” because that means he is paying attention and he truly cares, he isn’t just saying what he thinks will please me. The truth is simple and it makes sense.

6. Reading. I love reading everything. My Bible. Mysteries. Thrillers. Romance. Self-help. Your blog! I’m a mom with not much money or free-time, reading is my vacation.

7. Watching My Kids Sleep. It’s not creepy if there your kids šŸ˜‰ They always look so peaceful, a far cry from the busyness if our daily lives.

8. The Pittsburgh Steelers.


9. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. If we had cable, I’d never get to watch my shows. I love waiting until there’s a lot to catch up on, snuggling in the couch and binge watching tv with my husband. Most of the time we get to spend together is late night after our kids are sleeping, with his busy schedule, tv together is a date for us.

10. Fridays. My husband is in school Monday thru Thursday, gone from before I wake up till late at night and he works on the weekends, so Friday is the one day we get to spend together doing more than watching tv.

11. Seeing my kids accomplish something. I enjoy being proud of my kids, I like it even more when they are proud of themselves.

12. Seeing anyone accomplish something that is important to them.

13. Puppies.


14. Getting a Package In The Mail. Specifically, one that I ordered from Ebay and waited for so long to get it I forgot I bought it.

15. Baths. Really hot baths that fill the entire bathroom with steam. Baths where the door stays locked and nobody comes in to ask mommy a question or poops.

16. Hearing my daughter sing. She had a wonderful voice, something I don’t have.

17. Seeing my son (teen) succeed in school.

18. Watching my son (toddler) do something on his own that he didn’t think he could do.

19. Just about everything that comes out of my toddler’s mouth, he’s a funny kid.

20. Makeup. Even though I’m in my 30s and I don’t know now to use most of it, and even though most days I don’t put it on, it makes me happy because I’m finally in a place in my life where I know it’s ok to wear makeup. If that sounds weird to you, which I’m sure it does, I’ll be sure to blog about it one day to explain myself.

21. Blankets. Warm fuzzy blankets. I can’t sleep without a blanket and I can always be found sitting inside with a blanket, even when it’s 100 degrees outside.

22. Sunshine. If you couldn’t tell by what I wrote about blankets, I love being warm. I could sit for hours, if I had hours to sit, in the warm sun.

23. Pooping. It’s peaceful and I get to do it alone.

24. Going Out To Dinner. I’m the only cook in our house, so it’s nice to go out and have somebody make me dinner for a change.

25. Sleeping.

26. Going Out For Ice Cream. Ice cream tastes so much better when it’s hand scooped into a sugar cone than it does from the container at home.

27. Planning Birthday Parties For My Daughter. I love coming up with an idea and turning it into an amazing party for my tween.

28. Fruit Fresh From The Farmers Market.


29. Relief When A Headache Finally Goes Away. I get migraines, it sucks, but there’s nothing like the relief felt when it finally passes.

30. Completing Something. For those of you new to my blog, I’m a huge procrastinator and I often fail to finish things, so it’s a big deal to me when I set out to do something and I finish it. Like this post, when I accepted the request, I had no idea how hard it would be.

31. Listening To Sam Smith or Sam Paladio (from Nashville) sing. They both have amazing vocals. I’m really into what I describe as boys who sing like girls.

32. Watching People Worship. Sometimes when I’m singing during worship, I look around and just take it all in. There is one particular friend I have who smiles and shows such great joy when she worships, it’s beautiful.

33. When Homeless People Say, “God Bless You” After You Help Them.

34. When Someone Reblogs My Work. I first experienced this yesterday and it means so much to me that not only are people reading my blog, but that I made a big enough impact that they want to share my work.

35. Having Someone Do My Hair. Cause let’s be honest ladies, straightening our hair takes sooooooo long sometimes. Besides, who doesn’t love getting their hair washed with that delicious smelling shampoo at the salon?

36. When My Finger & Toenails Are Painted. Which never happens but on those rare occasions where it does I get happy every time I look at my hands.

37. Pasta Fagouli Soup From Olive Garden. It’s my favorite soup ever and it makes my tummy warm and happy. It’s the only thing I crave when I’m sick.

38. When My 9 Year Old Daughter Still Wants To Cuddle. She’s growing up and she isn’t always the most touchy feely kid so it’s a big deal when she wants to cuddle.

39. When A Pair Of Pants That Used To Be Right Suddenly Fit. Do I even need to explain?

40. Cowboy Boots! I got married in cowboy boots. I love them. On men, on women, on kids.


Wow, that was crazy. Hope you all enjoyed learning more about me.