Using coconut oil is nothing new, but I’m still kinda obsessed with it. There are so many things you can use coconut oil for and I can’t even begin to name all the websites that have published lists of coconut oil uses. But, since I just got my new coconut oil, the Costco economy pack, and I’m really happy about it, I figured I’d share my list of uses that I’ve actually tried and know to work.

1. Cooking. Fry chicken. Fry coconut shrimp. Make stir fry’s and fried rice. Make the fastest grilled cheese this side of the Mississippi, lol. Seriously though, these grilled cheeses took less than 5 minutes.


2. 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner. My daughter did a science project where she made her own shampoo & conditioner. The best recipe she made was a 2 in 1. Baking soda & water mixed with apple cider vinegar to form a paste, then mix in some coconut oil. We added essential oil to give it more of a scent. It worked better than the no-poo method, even on my daughter’s really curly hair.


3. Conditioner. It works by itself as a conditioner too.

4. Hair gel. I have naturally curly hair that has settled into loose, beach curls. Using coconut oil in wet hair gives it the sleek, gelled look. Works on straight hair to give in shine and tone down the frizz. Just don’t use too much or your hair will look oily.

5. Body Butter. Just whip a cup of your coconut oil up with your mixer for about 5 minutes. It will magically turn into a whipped creamy lotion that leaves your skin feeling fabulous.


6. Sugar Scrub. Mix your coconut oil with some sugar. 2 to 1, more sugar than oil and scrub away that dry skin. Can be used as a face scrub too.


Added bonus, use the body butter and the sugar scrub together and hello soft skin. I have crazy dry skin and this combo leaves it silky smooth. I store mine in these air right jars and they keep for a month or so.


7. Makeup Remover. Just to be sure it really worked, I caked black water proof liquid and pencil eye liner all over my eyes. Put on some coconut oil straight from the jar, wiped it off with cotton balls and q tips. Face was makeup free and now I didn’t even need to moisturize!

8. Eyelashes. I have the shortest eyelashes in my family. Even the boys have longer lashes than me. I’ve been putting coconut oil on with a mascara brush every night and they are actually growing! I’ll do a before and after once I’ve been doing it for a few months.

9. Beard Moisturizer. My husband uses it in his beard to keep it soft and controlled.

10. Deodorant. I haven’t made the actual deodorant recipe yet, but when I couldn’t find my deodorant the other day (I lose it every other day) I just threw some coconut oil on and went about my day. There was some sight moisture, but no odor.

11. Chapstick. Straight from the jar, just smooth it on your lips.

12. Burn Cream. Again, straight from the jar and into the burn. It takes the sting away in seconds. It may have been a fluke, but I didn’t get the gross scab after either.

I’ve also thrown it in smoothies and ate it by the spoonful. I used it in muffins in place of butter once, the muffins were good. My niece uses it on her toast instead of butter. I’ve put out on my kitchen table after I cleaned it to make it shine. I just discovered that it removes temporary tattoos without any hastle. My friend uses it to help with her husbands memory loss. I’m going to start a coconut oil regimen with my daughter this weekend to see how it works with her ADHD, I’ll be sure to blog about that.

Have you tried coconut oil for anything I haven’t?