I have a toddler who’s best friends with Curious George. They can often be found together; taking naps, reading, eating with their feet and destroying my perfectly clean and organized house, the last of which happens most often. My son and George, they’re a one boy-one monkey wrecking crew, I’m the man women in the yellow hat apron walking behind with the heart of a bulldozer cleaning it all up, if I’m lucky three times a day…

I won’t lie, I’m not the neat freak in the house, that’s my husband. If it were up to me I’d keep the mess, clean it on Saturdays and just live the rest of the week in whatever mishaps Barney (that’s my toddler, and no not the dinosaur, the self-centered, sarcastic, butthole from How I Met Your Mother, that’s where he got his blog name) and George get into. But, at the end of the day, my husband likes a clean spotless house and since he works his bootie off to support our family of five on his own I make sure he gets to come home to cleanliness on a daily basis.

I keep all of Barney’s toys in big plastic tubs, separated by subject. For example, we have an educational bin, a dress-up bin, construction trucks, race cars, etc… I do this for three reasons. One, my house is a too small, three bedroom apartment. Two, it makes for easier cleaning and it helps me stay organized. Three, Barney is spoiled and has obtained an excessive amount of toys over the past few years. I find having too many options leads to temper tantrums and confusion because he gets overwhelmed. I pull out one or two bins and put them in his corner of the living room and that narrows down his options. I switch the bins out for different ones every week or two, it’s almost like getting new toys every time we switch.


I try to stick to that schedule, but there are times when he asks for something different. When that happens I explain he can’t have more than two toy bins at a time and he makes the decision to either keep what he has or trade one out for a different option. I like this because it helps him learn to reason and make educational choices.

But, it’s not all clean and orderly around here. We do like to have fun. So, about those messes Barney and George make? Let me tell you about today’s adventure.

Barney and George are big fans of The Three Little Pigs, you know the guys that built their houses out of, straw, sticks and bricks. Well, if pigs can build houses out of whatever they see fit, a boy and his monkey can certainly build their house out of toilet paper.

2015-04-26 13.07.16

And the fun wasn’t done after the house was built. The house quickly became a maze that Barney and George, jumped, crawled and rolled their way through.

I figure it shows great amounts of creativity and skill, besides, what’s the loss of a roll of toilet paper compared to an afternoon of fun?

Plus, they cleaned up afterwards.

2015-04-26 13.07.59