Every Saturday I’ll be featuring a different blogger on my page. After you read all about this weeks blogger and check out her page, make sure you read blow and find out how you can be a featured blogger of the week.

This weeks featured blogger of the week is Anxious Mom (or E) over at Blogging for Therapy. Anxious Mom popped up a lot in my reader this morning and I couldn’t help but stroll on over to her page to see what she’d been up to. Once I got there I realized I’d forgotten how much I love her blog. Anxious Mom is a Mommy Blogger who as the page title says, “blogs for therapy.” But, her page is so much more than a mental health blog, she posts on many different topics ranging from funny to serious and everything in between. You have to check it out!!!


So, what do you have to do to get featured? Follow my blog! If you don’t already, follow me and I’ll follow you back. I’m a Christian Mommy blogger who blogs about, well really everything, but I follow everyone from Christians and parents to humor and politics blogs and everything in between. I love to read and I find something fascinating about everyone I follow. That’s it. From my followers, I’ll pick a person to feature each week. I don’t have a specific way of picking, but I’m more likely to feature your blog if you’re active on my page, as you’ll be fresh in my mind.