Is it better to brush your teeth with warm or cold water?

Is it just me or do links look better when you post them from the WordPress app rather than the full site?

I keep seeing this OM drama and am I the only one who doesn’t get it? I haven’t seen any spam or felt harassed, in fact, OM has been kind and helpful in connecting me with other bloggers.

Why must flat ironing hair take so long?

Am I the only one who likes the fizzy thing that happens when putting peroxide on a wound?

This one’s from my niece. She asked (in high school) why a lesbian could be in a room full of naked girls and control herself but boys can’t control themselves around a group of fully clothed girls?

Why am I blogging when I’m supposed to be getting ready?

What is it about laundry that makes it such an excruciating chore? It smells wonderful, but honestly I’d much rather cuddle with it then leave it on my floor than actually have to put it away.

Why is Spiderman popular with the kids but when they get older they think Spiderman is the lamest superhero?

Why do certain blogs I follow show up in my reader and others I have to track down their pages to see what they’ve been up to?

Ok, I said 10 so I’ll stop asking questions now and put the laundry away get ready.