I nominated my fellow blogger, Daniella, for the Real Neat Blog Award. Daniella is a wonderful blogger who has become close to my heart and continues to expire through blogs and thoughts expressed on my work.

Today I checked out Daniella’s page and found these beautiful words written about me on a day where they were truly needed and I wanted to share them with you.

Thank you Daniella for making my day better.

Daniella's Ramblings

How cool is that? I got nominated How cool is that? I got nominated


I have been nominated for my first blog award. I am honoured and humbled that someone out there thought to nominate me. I am also happy my thoughts are reaching an audience who are interested in what I have to say.

I was nominated by a very special fellow blogger, Deana. I think Deana is an amazing example of a caring, humble, accepting and tolerant Christian. A person who seeks to understand others and is true to herself, her values and her beliefs without being judgmental or prejudiced. The world needs more people like Deana and I heartily recommend that you check out her amazing blog at https://eatpraylovemom.wordpress.com/

Thank you for the nomination Deana.


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