My niece & I were talking about Religion today… Wait, before I continue, she finally has her blog name! It’s Joan, as in Joan Rivers ala Fashion Police, because well, she’s a fashionista and she enjoys critiquing other people’s outfits. I was originally going to go with Regina George from Mean Girls, but she’s not actually mean, just trendy.

Back to our conversation. We drive past a Jehovah’s Witness Church on our way home every day and today she asked if they had a different God. This led to talking as bout different religions and ultimately to the question, “do atheist go to hell?” To which my response was, only God knows who is going to Heaven or Hell, but ultimately, as Christians the greatest gift we can give Him is our faith in believing in Him as our God.

This in turn led to the point of this post. Our conversation covered what God and Religion expect from us and one of the things we discussed was sharing the word of God. I told her my truth on this.

I know that as a Christian I should spread the word of God to others. I believe I do this in my daily life by loving as how God loves me. But, when it comes to preaching the gospel, to converting people, maybe I don’t do as I should. To give an example, I explained how I’ve had a conversation with an athiest on their blog, I respected their views and they respected mine. We had a heart warming conversation and I didn’t feel the need to tell them they were wrong, as they are entitled to their beliefs just as I am entitled to mine. I don’t believe in judging others. If I came across a person of a different religion forcing their views on myself or my family, I would be mad so in that respect I will not force my views on someone who doesn’t want to hear them. However, I will not hesitate to share God’s grace with someone who desires to know Him.

Maybe that does make me a bad Christian, and maybe it doesn’t, maybe it means I’m doing something right. What I do know is that I love God, my faith is strong and I feel I am doing as He has called me to do by loving all people as He loves me, wholly and without fault.