When I was little, my mom used the line, “there are starving kids in Africa” to try and convince me to finish my food. My reply was, “What do you want me to do? Send it to them?” Needless to say, she didn’t think it was funny. Sometimes, my kids say things I don’t always find too funny, and often I do find them funny, although I’m not sure I should be laughing. This is what inspired this series of posts where I give you some words of wisdom from my kiddos.

You can read the 1st edition here.

First, allow me to introduce the kids for all those who are new here.

My oldest, John, as in John Coffey from, The Green Mile, as he is my gentle giant. Large and frighteningly strong, beneath his giant exterior lies the sweetest, kindest teenage boy you’ll ever meet, who is deeply emotional and cares greatly for all his family and friends.

My middle child, Ramona, as in Ramona Quimby from the Beverly Cleary series. Like Ramona, my 9 year old daughter is a brilliant child, full of life and energy. She has personality on top of personality and there’s never a dull moment. Unfortunately, just like Ramona Quimby, this happy go lucky, walking to the beat of your own drummer life can sometimes come off as pesty behavior.

My youngest, Barney, as in Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. It sounds horrible that I’m naming my toddler after such a character, but after searching and thinking, he’s the best match. To be blunt, my toddler, like others I’m sure, is a self-centered, spoiled, jerk. He is incredibly smart, sometimes too smart for me. He’s also got a sense of humor, smile and general love for life that makes you instantly love him. Like Barney, he uses his wit and charm to get everything he wants, and if that doesn’t work, well the entitled side is sure to come out.

So, what’s been on my kids mind recently?

Ramona on Responsibility: At school, uer friend gave her an envelope with important paperwork and money to give to me. She lost it. When I told her she needed to be more responsible, especially with things that didn’t bring to her she said, “but, you know, it’s really not my fault, you should have known that I wasn’t responsible enough to handle the task.” We talked about taking responsibility for ones actions, but she did have a point, I really should have known better.

Barney on Bodily Waste: I eat the food, it goes in my belly, then, I poop it out. Well, he’ll have cool to tell the kids his first day of preschool.

John on School: If the computer has spell check and we have to do everything on the computer, why do I judge to learn how to spell.

Ramona on Teachers: If teachers teach other people how to do their jobs, why don’t teachers get paid more than anyone else?

Barney on Religion: Jesus loves you and God Bless loves you too. They watch over you from the sky.

Kids are the best.