And Nighttime Smells Like Horse Poop.

From the mouth of my toddler.

Someone (or likely more than one someone) in our apartment complex smokes a lot of weed, apparently mostly in the evening.

Several times over the past few months, when my almost three year old and I go somewhere and the air smells like weed, he tells me, “mama, it smells like nighttime again.”

More recently he started saying, “smells like horse poop.” I asked what and he says, “Nighttime. Nighttime smells like horse poop.”

I don’t know whether to laugh at future stories I’ll have to tell my son when he’s older or cry that my baby boy seriously thinks the smell of weed smoke it the smell of nighttime.

Legalization recently passed in my state, soon this “horse poop” will be legal. I have mixed feelings on this as a voter, but, as a parent, it outright frightens me… What about you?