Today I had to get my tires rotated and I’m currently getting my oil changed.

When I got my tires rotated, they told me I needed new windshield wipers. I got new wipers just a few months ago.

Then I get to the oil change place and they start their list of everything I “need” one of which they tell me I need every time, a cabin air filter. I had it changed (at a different shop) two oil changes ago. When I tell them no, they still show me my filters (all three of them they say I need) compared to their new ones. I continue to say no, then they proceed to tell me how I’m making my kids sick by not changing it.

Really? Are you a doctor? Do your pull change guys get some kind of special allergen training? You can tell me my filters need changed, remind me of how it will help my engine perform better and I’ll get better gas mileage. You can even tell me how the cabin air filter keeps gross air from getting into my car. But, don’t tell me that my kids are going to get sick and it’s my fault because I didn’t pay you $24.99 to keep their cabin air clean.

My husband can go to the same shop, say no to everything before they start talking and they leave it at that.

I’d say it’s all because I’m a woman and they think they can take advantage of me, but as I sit here waiting, I’m pretty sure the other side of it has to do with me being too nice and giving off the impression that I want to listen to ask their recommendation. I most certainly do not, but I just don’t have it in me to be rude to someone who is just doing their job. But, when he told me I was making my kids sick, I had to bite my tongue.

Ugh. Rant over!