In the not so recent past, I suffered from migraines, mood swings and fatigue.

I was addicted to Coke (the soda kind), I ate whatever tasted good and I slept or laid around being lazy most all the time.

Three weeks ago, I gave up Coke, I started eating healthy and I’ve been working out (weight training) five days a week.

I’ve had one headache, not a migraine, I’m rarely moody and I’m not fatigued (just tired in a good way after a hard workout).

I’m a “skinny fat” or in other words, I’m skinny til I take my clothes off, then you see my pudgy tummy and lack of muscles, which also means I’m out of shape.

Make that, was, out of shape. Before I couldn’t make one lap around the team without getting winded. Today, I can jog the mile with ease. I’m learning good form at the gym and pushing myself to lift what my mind says I can’t. In just these three weeks, I’ve not only seen these mental results, but physical results as well. I love lifting weights and actually seeing my muscles work.

I’m excited to be embarking on this journey and I’ll hope you’ll enjoy following along with me.