Cheesy title time!

I try to do some ab work every day, which is normally alternating between flutter kicks and planks for about 20 mins or til I burn out.

One day a week, a devote a day to abs and sometimes a little glute work. This keeps me from doubling up on any of my muscle groups (legs, back & bis, chest & tris and shoulders) each of which I devote a day to and still have a five day workout week. I’ll post my schedule and some of my workouts in another post.

I’ve been reading a lot about HIIT or high intensity interval training and wanted to try it out this week. I don’t devote much time to cardio as I’m trying to gain muscle, not lose weight, but I’ve noticed the layer of fat on my belly looks bigger since I’ve started working out. I know I haven’t gotten fatter, but as I strengthen my core muscles, they tend to push out the belly fat making it appear bigger than before. I wanted to get that extra push to begin reducing my belly fat and after research I feel HIIT and SIT (sprint interval training) is the way to go. Yesterday, I did SIT, sprinting 100 meters, resting, and repeating. You can find the workout I followed here
I’m not much of a runner, but I actually enjoyed doing these sprints. It seemed easy to begin with, but by the end of the first set, I definitely felt it and today my legs burn like crazy. Feels so good though!

Today I did this Hiit Ab Workout I found here with a twist.
Instead of the Russian Twists, I did a 45 second bridge, that added in a little glute work, well, that and mostly because I can’t do more than one Russian Twist with proper form. My core isn’t strong enough and I lack the balance to stay in the jackknife position for too long. Seriously, I’ll blog about my struggles with balance (and hand-eye coordination) and how it’s impacted my lifting.

I made it through two sets and trust me, it’s way more work than it looks. I wanted to go for three, but I could tell my form would suffer and I’d rather have two solid sets than two solid sets and one mediocre set. I’ve been focusing more on form than weight in my lifting because I want to start out learning everything correctly. I figure it’s important to do this with all workouts.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how my ans feel.

Right now my pain is in my legs and chest from yesterday’s SIT workout in the morning followed by chest and tri day in the evening. Check back later for my PR post about that!