It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on here. I have several posts sitting in draft mode that o started and have yet to finish. Seems like every time I get motivated to start writing again, I find the time to start, get interrupted and never get back to it. 


Because I’m working two jobs and my hours vary from early morning to late night. When I’m home, I want to spend to little time I have with my family. Even as I write this, my toddler woke up and I don’t know that I will have time to finish this post before he finishes breakfast and my day of appointments and hopefully squeezing in a gym sesh before work begins. 

Ally out finding balance I suppose. After the Christmas season my work schedule should be more consistent hours depending on what happens with my career path over the next couple of weeks. Whatever the path, I believe God’s will shall be done. 

I’m off to my fist appointment soon. Thanks to those who checked in on me in my absence, your wonderful. 

Here’s how I spent my morning before this

Treats for Christmas. Rudolph and Frosty! I’ll post directions soon.