It’s been awhile since I did one of these, but last night I read a blog post I talked to my daughter about and it inspired me to share some thoughts from my kids. Check out my past posts to “meet” my kids 1st Edition and 2nd Edition

You can read that post here.

Due to the above blog, I was explaining the Great Toilet Debate to my daughter, Ramona, age 10 and she said, “what’s the difference, the pee and poop all comes out of a hole the same way anyways.” Guess she told that debate where to stick it…

Ramona on illegal immigration, “if they didn’t come here the right way, why don’t they just go home then come back the right way?”

John on Gun Control, “isn’t the best way to stop someone with a gun is with your gun?”

Our apartments finally made a rule that you can’t smoke weed in your apartment. Which to me makes sense because you can’t smoke cigarettes either. So, Barney on Legal Marijuana, “it doesn’t smell like horse poop anymore” In a previous post I talked about how my toddler would smell the smoke coming from our neighbors apartment and say, “it smells like nighttime and nighttime smells like horse poop.”

John and Barney  on the Poop Pill: John: “I’d rather be fat than eat poop”
Barney “Yeah, we’re not cows.”

Ramona on Hillary,: “why do people say, ‘A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Women’? She’s a woman, she’s NOT WOMEN.” No, no, she certainly is not all women.

John on Trump,”why do people hate Trump so much? Adults are always complaining that the President lies, well, here’s Trump telling you the truth and you don’t like that either. Trump 2016

Barney on God, “God Bless is a boy, not a girl. The Bible says so.” I didn’t teach him this, but he picked up that the Bible stories we read refer to God is a He.

John on The Oscars, “or maybe Straight Outta Compton didn’t get nominated cuz it sucked…”