It’s just before midnight and I am filled with a sudden desire to post something. 

I’m so busy lately I don’t find the time to post. I have three unfinished posts sitting in draft mode and I lack the energy to complete them. 

I lay here listening to my three year old telling my a story about eyeballs sitting on a couch, silently willing him to sleep, knowing it won’t happen anytime soon. 

I find myself unsatisfied working and lacking the time to blog yet just as I was unsatisfied when I wasn’t working and had plenty of time to blog. 

I know that I need to take more time to spend in quiet with my Heavenly Father, growing in relationship with Him. Allowing myself to discover how my passions pair with the gifts He has given me and letting Him lead my way. 

So much easier said than typed. Giving up control, fully. I feel like I’m standing on one side of the water and the bridge has collapsed leaving me no easy way across, yet happiness lies on the other side and God is showing me a way across that while isn’t easy, is worth it. All I need to do is let go of all the things hold of me back and take His way. I know He will bring me safely to the other side, so why can’t I just let Him take me there?

I was just hit with the words, “I’m slowly burning God’s bridge and I don’t know how to stop.”

Time to put away the phone and pray.