Came across this gem in my drafts so figured I’d finish it and hopefully let this be my start to getting back to blogging.

Recently I was asked the question, “what type of Christian are you?” At first, I was like, what kind of question is that? I’m the human kind?! I guess my quick answer is simply that I’m a Christian who believes in Jesus and in living like Him by loving others.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back asleep. I kept thinking about this question. About this blog that I’ve not been posting to and the people I’ve come to know through it. I thought about the post where I wrote about being a bad Christian and my thought was this…

I’m the type of Christian that is liked by  non believers and disliked by many Christians. 

As I type that, it doesn’t feel right to feel that way, but so often I do. So often, I feel judged by other believers because of the simplicity of my belief system.

I believe in the basics, in a God who sent his only Son to die on the cross for us so that we can be forgiven and live forever in Heaven. I believe the Holy Spirit is always with us. But beyond that, my beliefs, my “rules,” for being a Christian are really quite simple.
Love others the way Jesus loves us. Love fully and love without borders. Do not judge others, but respect them. Even when you do not agree with a persons decisions, remember, they too are a child of God and no child is more important than another in His eyes. Live and do right, if you sin, realize we are broken and it’s OK to make a mistake, talk to God about it, make Him your number one, He is the end all, be all, everything that matters. So that’s it – Be loving. Be giving. Be kind. Pray often. Praise Him and spread His love to all.

The part of that which I’m often made to feel I’m wrong for by other believers I’ve met is the, don’t judge part. While non-believers have told me that my openness and willingness to accept and love regardless of ones choices and beliefs is what draws them into me, it’s what makes them listen to my stories or read my blogs about a God they don’t believe in, some believers have told me I’m not being a Christian when I allow someone I know to live in sin and say nothing about it.

I don’t believe this is true. I do believe that if I am in a friendship with another person who is also a Christian that I am called to help them live fruitful lives in Jesus Christ. It is o.k. and expected of me to help them stay of the path of faithfulness. However, if I have a friend who is not a follower, I am not called to hold them to the same standards as I hold my Christian friends. It is not o.k. for me to call my friend out on their “sin” if they do not believe in God and therefore cannot be held to my belief system.

At the same time, it is o.k. for me to be friends with non-believers. It is o.k. for me to accept their beliefs as their beliefs. While I feel that it is my duty to bring others to God, I know that it is not my place to push my beliefs on people I know don’t want to hear them. I have friends who are non-believers, I have friends who are atheist. They are wonderful people with good hearts. Do I want them to become believers? Of’course. When Jesus comes back, I want them to be right there next to me living forever in His kingdom. Do I force my beliefs on them? Absolutely not. Would I share my faith with them if they asked? Absolutely. But, until they ask, I simply continue to pray for them, that they will find their way to God and that if it’s in His plans that I be a part of that journey.

I wonder if this is the answer that person had in mind when they asked me what type of Christian I was? Maybe they just meant what denomination I was? I started this post several months ago so I honestly don’t remember what answer I gave them. If someone asked me that right now, I’d likely tell them, “the kind that loves God. Why what type of Christian are you?” It’s a weird question to ask really, but I guess it did make me think a lot.

Anyways, it felt good to finish this piece and start writing again. I do hope this will encourage me to start blogging again. Gave the blog a bit of an update. One day in church the phrase “like water for love” hit me and it has been on my heart since to change the blog name and start writing again. I’ll post soon about what the phrase means to me. Til then, I’ll be catching up on the blogs I’ve been missing.