My first thought when I saw these weights at an assisted living facility? If this were made today, people would be offended.
How dare a company make a set of dumbbells that a super lightweight and call them, gasp, LADY bells? The makers of these dumbbells are obviously sexist, anti-feminist men who think women can’t be strong

I hope you read that last part humorously, you’re voice dripping in sarcasm.

I seriously feel like a day can’t go by without seeing an article about something being offensive. A slogan on a shirt at Target. A toy marketed towards girls that is only sold in pink. A blue toy for a boy. A costume that is racist. Someone posted a naked selfie. Someone else won’t stand during the National Anthem.

Enough already!!

This is America (well that’s where I’m writing this from) and in America we’ve got freedom. The freedom to stand. And the freedom not to stand. Freedom of speech. And the freedom to not buy, not listen to, not look at…the freedom to walk away from the things we don’t agree with.

There are a lot of things I don’t agree with, but, if those things don’t affect me then oh well, to each their own.


If you don’t like that shirt, don’t buy it.
If you don’t like costume, where something different.
If you don’t agree with someones form of protest, don’t during them.
And if you don’t like naked selfies, stop following Kim K.