**This is from 2 years ago. Some things have changed since then. My blog name for one. I used to be eatpraylovemom, now I’m blogging from, likewaterforlove, a blog name I wil explain when I update this about me section which might take a little longer than I like since I went from being a stay-at-home mom to a working mom.**

Hi, I’m D, and I’m glad you stopped by. Now that you you’re here, let me introduce myself and my blog.

Who am I? The answer to that is the reason I started this blog. In Bible Study we were recently asked that question. Funny how such a short question doesn’t really have an easy answer. I’m D, I’m in my 30’s, I’m a wife and a mom, I’m a child of God… But beyond that, it’s something you really have to sit down to think and pray about to get an honest answer. When I started that Bible Study, I was feeling very restless. I felt like those things I just listed, mom and wife at 30 something? What had I really accomplished? I had a too small apartment, a husband I seemed to fight with more often or not, kids I’d been failing at being a mom too and I was less qualified to get a job now than I was when I was 20. Then, I went to the first day of Jennie Allen’s “Restless – Because You Were Made For More” listened, cried and asked for prayer. Afterwards, I went home and cried some more, prayed a lot more and then, I wrote. I wrote all night and after telling my husband everything I’d figured out, this blog was born.

So, who am I? I’m a 30 something Christian. I love God more than anything. He has given me all the gifts in my life and I am content to accept this season of my life while consistently reaching the other dreams God has laid out for me. I am his imperfect masterpiece, growing in Him one day at a time. I am married to the man God put on this Earth for me and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Yes, we fight, but who doesn’t? What matters is we love each other and are daily continuing to grow our marriage in our Faith. God is the foundation to a healthy marriage. I’m a mom of 3 kids at various stages in life, toddler, tween and teen. When I was little I always thought I’d have 4 kids all 2 years apart. Instead I have a tween daughter from a previous relationship, a teen-aged stepson and a toddler my husband and I have together. We are a blended family, a mixed family and all together, we are a family that was always meant to be. Before I became a mom, I was the perfect mom. After I became a mom, I was a failure. Then I realized, every parent is doing it wrong. And that’s ok, because the only perfect parent is God. As soon as I stopped trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations and embraced my role as a less than perfect mom, things got easier. Parenting didn’t get easier, but being a mom did. And about that career? Right now, I have a job that God designed me for, wife and mommy. As my youngest gets older, I’m getting ready to dream all those dreams God has in store for me. For now, I’m a happy, stay-at-home mom. I spend my days cooking, cleaning and wiping boogers off of places I didn’t know boogers can reach. I also spend my days loving, encouraging and serving my husband as he works hard each and every day to support us. I spend my days educating, living and raising my children to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ. And, I do it all from my overpriced, 950 square foot, 3 bedroom apartment that’s overflowing, yet clean and organized and provides my family with a warm place to sleep, eat and grow.

So what’s my blog all about? It’s a Christian Family and Simple Lifestyle Blog where I talk about family, parenting, and God as well as other stuff I enjoy and want to share with my readers: food, crafts, organization and diy creations. I’m not a better Christian than you. I’m not a better wife than you. I’m not a better mom than you. I’m not a better person than you. I’m not here to give advice, I’m just here to share stories about my achievements as well as my failures. I’ll share stories of my past, of lessons I’ve learned and of lessons I’ll be learning as I continue on my walk with God. I’ll share stories of our families triumphs and struggles with ptsd. As I grow as a writer, I hope to share my stories and other works with you.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey. My wish is for my blog to inspire others though my words, my stories, my projects and most of all my faith. If you’re here, leave a comment and introduce yourself. And then, follow my blog, I promise, you’ll have fun.

Welcome to my faithful, fun, silly and sometimes crazy life.

In Him,