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Kids Speak Out on Today’s Hot Topics – 3rd Edition

It’s been awhile since I did one of these, but last night I read a blog post I talked to my daughter about and it inspired me to share some thoughts from my kids. Check out my past posts to “meet” my kids 1st Edition and 2nd Edition

You can read that post here.

Due to the above blog, I was explaining the Great Toilet Debate to my daughter, Ramona, age 10 and she said, “what’s the difference, the pee and poop all comes out of a hole the same way anyways.” Guess she told that debate where to stick it…

Ramona on illegal immigration, “if they didn’t come here the right way, why don’t they just go home then come back the right way?”

John on Gun Control, “isn’t the best way to stop someone with a gun is with your gun?”

Our apartments finally made a rule that you can’t smoke weed in your apartment. Which to me makes sense because you can’t smoke cigarettes either. So, Barney on Legal Marijuana, “it doesn’t smell like horse poop anymore” In a previous post I talked about how my toddler would smell the smoke coming from our neighbors apartment and say, “it smells like nighttime and nighttime smells like horse poop.”

John and Barney  on the Poop Pill: John: “I’d rather be fat than eat poop”
Barney “Yeah, we’re not cows.”

Ramona on Hillary,: “why do people say, ‘A Vote for Hillary is a Vote for Women’? She’s a woman, she’s NOT WOMEN.” No, no, she certainly is not all women.

John on Trump,”why do people hate Trump so much? Adults are always complaining that the President lies, well, here’s Trump telling you the truth and you don’t like that either. Trump 2016

Barney on God, “God Bless is a boy, not a girl. The Bible says so.” I didn’t teach him this, but he picked up that the Bible stories we read refer to God is a He.

John on The Oscars, “or maybe Straight Outta Compton didn’t get nominated cuz it sucked…”



All Lives Matter

Recently, my husband took my daughter to get her hair cut at a local salon that caters to African American hair. My daughter is bi racial and we are a mixed family. My daughter was scheduled to get her hair done at 11:30 that morning, and I had been told on the phone by the salon owner that the only appointment scheduled before my daughter was a person getting dreads. When my husband, daughter and her friend arrived at the salon, the appointment before my daughters was just finishing up. My daughter was checked in and my husband was met with the question, “why do you want to cut her hair anyways, it’s fine.” This coming after the 15 minute conversation I had with the same woman over the phone about the fact that my daughters ends were severely split and she had trouble taking care of her hair, therefore we wanted a short, age appropriate style that she could maintain herself. I also spent time during that conversation confiding into the owner/stylist how much trouble we have had finding a stylist that knows how to work with my daughters hair and told her several times how much I appreciated the time she was taking on the phone with me, even texting her pictures of our daughter so she knew what to expect of her hair and the style we wanted to get for her. I ended that phone conversation feeling happy and confident, based on the time spent on the phone and the great Yelp reviews of the salon, that I had found a place that would take care of our daughter.

Once my husband and daughter arrived at the salon, that all changed. My husband says that she salon was plastered with “Black Lives Matter” posters and the vibe he got from the owner/stylist in person was completely different than what I had described having over the phone. They were treated coldly and as if they weren’t there. After the client getting dreads was finished, nearly thirty minutes after my daughters scheduled time, the stylist ignored her and took a walk-in instead. When my husband asked why she didn’t take my daughter he was told, “oh yeah, I’ll get to her.” This client ended up getting extensions and while she was processing, the stylist started in on the woman’s friends extensions as well, again telling my husband, “I’ll get to her.” At 1:00, an hour and a half after my daughters scheduled appointment, the stylist took yet another customer into her chair, leaving my daughter waiting. At that point my husband, who was obviously mad at this point, told the stylist they were leaving and was met with a short, “sorry.” No real apology, no taking my blame for making them wait for an hour and a half for nothing. Nothing was said about the fact that the stylist knew we lived 45 minutes from the salon. Nothing was offered to make up for the mistake. And worst of all, nothing at all was said to my daughter. All interactions were directed towards my husband, in fact, the entire time they sat there, my daughter was never once acknowledged, let alone spoken to.

I happened to be at a different salon that day and when I told them what happened, the reccommended a local stylist. After my appointment, I contacted the salon and was scheduled in with the reccomended stylist the next day. My daughter and I arrived and her appointment started right on time. During our visit with her new stylist, I told him what had happened the day before, and he told me, apologetically, “you don’t know how many times I’ve heard that same story from clients who went to salons in that area of town. They don’t want to service people who are mixed.” I knew that was what had happened, but until I heard the words it didn’t really sink in.

My first reaction was to call the salon and talk them about what happened. My second thought was, “forget that courtesy” I’m going straight to the Better Business Bureau. Then there was a part of me that wanted to write a Letter to the Editor calling the salon out. If this situation were reversed and a person of mixed race was treated this way at a salon owned by white people, the story would be on the nightly news and the salon would be being sued. In fact, I read a story about a black woman who sued a salon owned by white people because they didn’t provide her services stating they didn’t have any stylist available who knew how to do her hair. Sure, the owners of the salon didn’t say the “didn’t know how to do” my daughters hair or that they didn’t want to. They just refused to provide her service period and I am quite confident it wasn’t because they suddenly got busy and forgot she had an appointment.

Every day, I hear about the Black Lives Matter movement. I read stories about Race Wars and hate crimes. There are stories about Muslims being killed because they are Muslims. There is the Blue Lives Matter movement. There are terrorist attacks. The list goes on and every story plays off the race angle.


You know whose lives matters? Every single persons life in this world matters. It doesn’t matter what color your skin is, what race you are, what religious group you belong to, what gender you are, YOUR LIFE MATTERS and it doesn’t matter more than the persons next you. Let’s move past the one color movements and make a shift towards a movement that treats everyone equally, because,



My First UCS!

It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Day at my work. I’ve never done the whole ugly sweater thing since I usually make the meal. I normally spend the day cooking in my pajamas then put on something nice before guests arrive. I was super excited to have an excuse to get an ugly sweater this year but everything I found either didn’t fit right or was way too expensive for a one time a year wear. When I was Christmas shopping the other day, I found a DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater set on sale for $15. So, here it is, my very first, Ugly Christmas Sweater!  I was thinking of adding some white balls to be snow, but I need to go buy more (for Christmas, not work, I’ll be wearing it to work tonight as is). But maybe I should do something more to it, like this. 

 What do you think??

Can Somebody Send Me Some Time for Christmas?

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on here. I have several posts sitting in draft mode that o started and have yet to finish. Seems like every time I get motivated to start writing again, I find the time to start, get interrupted and never get back to it. 


Because I’m working two jobs and my hours vary from early morning to late night. When I’m home, I want to spend to little time I have with my family. Even as I write this, my toddler woke up and I don’t know that I will have time to finish this post before he finishes breakfast and my day of appointments and hopefully squeezing in a gym sesh before work begins. 

Ally out finding balance I suppose. After the Christmas season my work schedule should be more consistent hours depending on what happens with my career path over the next couple of weeks. Whatever the path, I believe God’s will shall be done. 

I’m off to my fist appointment soon. Thanks to those who checked in on me in my absence, your wonderful. 

Here’s how I spent my morning before this

Treats for Christmas. Rudolph and Frosty! I’ll post directions soon. 

New PR Baby

When I started working out, 5 1/2 weeks ago (I had to check my dates, it feels like so much longer) I couldn’t bench the 45 pound bar. Today I did four sets if 95 pounds. That’s huge for me. So excited.

The Google Game

Sometimes my family and I play the YouTube game. We go through the alphabet, type in the first word we think of starting with A and play the first video that comes up. We have found some funny stuff.

Today we tried the Google game, one person said the first word that came to their mind then another person did the same. We typed the words into Google (with safe search on) and selected the first picture.

Here are some results:


Love Fake


Eleven Hoorah


Amish Cheerleader


Why Pizza


Spider Pickle

And my personal favorite


Dog Swearing

Is There Any Body the World Doesn’t Shame?

They shame us because we’re too fat. They shame us because we’re too skinny. They shame us because we’re not strong enough. They shame us because we’re strong. They shame is because we’re too short. They shame us because we’re too tall. They shame us because we’re too light. They shame is because we’re too dark.

They say real women have curves.  They say real men have muscles.

But, look around, we don’t live in an age of robots, every person here is a real person. Skinny, fat, athletic, muscular, light, dark, feminine, masculine, short, tall, whatever…WE ARE ALL REAL MEN AND WOMEN.

I started writing this blog post after I read yet another article of body shaming, this particular one being about Ronda Rousey. It struck a nerve because athletic and muscular is the body I’m striving for, that and because I personally think she is an amazing athlete who also happens to be beautiful.



Internet bullies say she has a man’s body. Floyd Mayweather referred to her as he.



If this is a man’s body, I want to look like a man!

Famous or not, man or woman, we are all real. And we are all made perfect in God’s image.

If you’re not happy with your body, change it.  But, change it for you.  Be beautiful for you. Your idea of beautiful may not be someone else’s idea of beautiful, but if you’re happy with yourself,  their opinion doesn’t matter.

So go on, do you and do you 100%.

Skinny Dark Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

We celebrated my birthday today, along with my nieces and her Grandma’s at Chang’s Mongolian Grill. It’s one of those places where you pick your meat and veggies and the chefs cook it on a big cook top in the middle if the restaurant. One of my favorite places, good food and the ability to eat healthy. I had lamb, beef and chicken with lots of veggies and spices. It was delicious. Even more delicious was the amazing, not diet busting cheesecake my grandma made for me.


I love dark chocolate and I love cheesecake. Unfortunately, I don’t love how I feel after a diet cheat day, especially since I already did that yesterday with my chicken parm birthday dinner. Lucky for me, my grandma is in town visiting and said she’d make me whatever I wanted. I’m not big on cake, so I set out to find a healthy(ish) option.

I found it here at Sally’s Baking Addiction (her picture is way prettier than mine) and at only 128 calories per bar & and crazy low sugar content, I’m still amazed at how delicious these Skinny (Dark) Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Bars are.

I had my grandma tweek the recipe a bit. We used coconut oil instead of butter for the graham cracker crust and dark chocolate chips, not necessarily to make it healthier but because I like dark chocolate chips better and I have copious amounts of coconut oil taking up space around my house.

These bars are so good. And with the low calories, barely there sugar content and protein (I need to calculate how much) , it almost doesn’t count as a cheat treat.

Make sure you check it the website for this recipe and others.

Today is my birthday

and I’m 34 years YOUNG!!

I feel younger, healthier and happier than I have in years.

So glad I decided to start lifting and eating better. I feel strong and alive.

Blessed to be alive another year and blessed with the most amazing husband and wonderful kids.

Life is good.

Back to the gym tomorrow. Can’t wait.

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